Art and gold? Whats up with that?

I have 3 main passions in life, gold, art, dogs. When I bought my building as to have a storefront for people selling gold to come into I looked around and asked myself “what do I do with these 5 walls?” The answer was simple, offer Spokane artists a place to showcase their art, class up my joint, and offer the lowest sales commissions to artists! I really have 2 businesses in 1 and am proud to be one of  the newest art galleries in Spokane! Bring in your gold, sell it for the most cash of anyone in town and get 5% off on that $ amount towards any art purchase!


Splash - Acrylic on canvas by Gregg Perrenoud


This is Splash, 1 of Gregg Perrenouds awesome paintings, his work will be on display from Jan 21/2012 Through the end of May, the show will rotate themes and paintings each month before first friday.